Posted on: Thursday, March 1, 2018
Statement by Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen on Aviation Security

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WASHINGTON — Today, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen participated in a roundtable discussion with United Kingdom Home Secretary Amber Rudd and top CEOs and industry leaders regarding aviation security. Secretary Nielsen released the following statement:

“I am grateful for the close collaboration with our UK partners, air cargo, airline and airport leaders in raising the global bar for aviation security. Our enemies continue to target the transportation sector, and we must work together—both government and the private sector—to keep passengers safe. Efforts by the United States and United Kingdom to secure air travel will continue to protect travelers and flights around the globe. Our roundtable was productive, and it laid the foundations for future engagement to counter emerging threats. I look forward to continuing these conversations with industry leaders and advancing new ideas to protect the traveling public.”

As part of DHS’s efforts to raise security standards across the board, the Department is working to raise the baseline for aviation security by implementing enhanced security measures, both seen and unseen. This includes enhanced security at all last-point-of-departure airports in 105 countries around the world. These measures are being implemented in phases, in coordination with our international partners.

Additionally, the Department has worked to improve screening procedures for persons seeking to enter the United States. The Administration recently established a National Vetting Center, which will coordinate the efforts of federal officials to vet people seeking to enter or remain within our country. It will help fulfill President Donald J. Trump’s requirement that departments and agencies improve their coordination and use of intelligence and other information to identify potential threats to national security, border security, homeland security, and public safety.

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