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  Posted on: Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Al Qaeda cell targeted by Treasury Department tied to multiple terror groups
The Long War Journal
The Treasury Department added three members of Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), an al Qaeda affiliate based in Southeast Asia, to its list of specially designated global terrorists earlier this month. Two of the three, Abdul Rahim Ba'asyir (Abdul Rahim) and Muhammad Jibril Abdul Rahman (Jibril), were identified as senior members of JI's al Ghuraba cell in Karachi, Pakistan.

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Radical Extremism:
3/15/17   France, Germany seek European center against radicalization
3/14/17   Boko Haram splinter group leader charged with murder
3/7/17   White supremacists dramatically increase recruitment efforts on U.S. college campuses
3/6/17   Heller, Heinrich push for hearings on threats made against faith-based community centers
3/5/17   Prosecutors: NY man willing to sacrifice self for jihad
3/3/17   Palestinian terrorist leader: Hezbollah is getting ready for war against Israel, and so are we
3/2/17   Security Council to visit 4 countries affected by Boko Haram
3/1/17   ISIS’s “industrialized” martyrdom resembles Japan’s use of kamikaze pilots: Report
3/1/17   Security Council to visit 4 countries affected by Boko Haram
2/22/17   Iraqi suicide bomber was ex-Gitmo detainee
2/22/17   Would-be jihadi jailed by Dutch tried to reach Syria twice
2/16/17   Islamic extremism deadliest ideology in U.S. for first time in 30 years
2/15/17   Hate groups increase for second consecutive year, while Patriot groups decline
2/13/17   American ISIS fighters likely to be U.S. born, engaged in society: Study
2/12/17   The Islamic State's new threat: child terrorists
2/7/17   Remote-controlled terrorism
1/31/17   Mosque shooting suspect in Canada known for extreme views
1/30/17   Man convicted of helping college student join Islamic State
1/30/17   Pennsylvania man admits he conspired to help Islamic State
1/27/17   Sharper focus on the young could help combat terrorism: Experts
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