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  Posted on: Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Emergency In Your Area? “Public Alerts” On Google Maps Shows Warnings
Google announced a new layer of data being added to Google Maps for public alerts. If there are emergency alerts in your area, Google will show them to you on the map, with more details on the alert.

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Internet & Technology:
5/15/17   Experts expect a surge in ransomware attacks this week – this time without a “kill switch”
5/15/17   NHS ransomware cyber-attack was preventable
5/12/17   New executive order on cybersecurity highlights need for deterrence, protection of key industries
5/10/17   New meter to change how users create passwords
5/9/17   DHS’s Tracking of Visa Overstays Hindered by Insufficient Technology, IG Reports
5/4/17   US to seek social media details from certain visa applicants
5/3/17   Eye tracking technology helps in imposter detection training
4/26/17   Empowering ISIS opponents on Twitter
4/21/17   Russian hacker faces decades in prison
4/20/17   Internet Atlas maps the physical elements of the internet to enhance security
4/20/17   Internet Atlas maps the physical elements of the internet to enhance security
4/19/17   Big data study of disaster-related social media language helps first responders
4/18/17   Stopping TDoS attacks
4/10/17   Hackers activate Dallas’s emergency sirens system
4/7/17   New technology helps protect biometric databases
4/6/17   Kenya accuses 2 of hacking government sites for IS group
4/3/17   House subcommittee holds hearing to examine the nation’s 911 networks
3/31/17   Hackers can hijack scanners to perpetrate cyberattacks
3/15/17   A First: U.S. brings hacking charges against two Russian government officials
3/10/17   Misaligned incentives, executive overconfidence create advantages for cyberattackers
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